Farmhouse fine dining    

Farmhouse Fine Dining
Farmhouse Fine Dining has developed from the food which my wife began cooking at Moat Farm when times were a bit hard. She worked her magic with the fruit and veg we grew and the pork and lamb we reared and set the bar very high. Our every day food has always been of restaurant quality. There are resonance's here with the cucina povera of Italy and our many recent journeyings in Basilicata, Puglia, Abbruzzo and Sardegna made me realise just how good this style of cooking could be as restaurant food. Seated comfortably around a remote farmhouse table, eating plate after plate of exquisite food and drinking endless cheap wine is a really great dining experience

Farmhouse Fine Dining, unlike conventional fine dining, does not rely on the luxurious location, elaborate service and foie gras and lobster. Instead it uses the finest home produce, fresh local ingredients and a lot of hard work to produce a feast of flavours. Plate after plate of wonderful food, elegantly presented in the beautiful rural location that is Moat Farm

And the endless cheap wine? Well alcohol duties, transport costs and VAT make decent cheap wine an impossibility in the UK. The best I can do is wine at half the price of the same bottle in "conventional" restaurants. Which makes that £36 bottle cost just £18 and allows the quality of the wine to match the quality of the food without breaking the bank